Technical Writing

We specialize in technical e-learning courses such as software tutorial or technician certification training; therefore technical writing is – or can be – a part of what we can help you with. Marc Lee, our president, has been a technical writer and we are happy to consider your technical communication situation from the ground up including your documentation and courseware. Often we start a course development by using your existing technical content, currently in company technical publications such as manuals, schematics and functional specs. At other times, we might have to work on your background content first before transformation to e-learning.

What are the signs that your technical content needs preliminary work on consistency, order and structure before we can try transformation?

  • Inconsistent or out-of-date procedures turn up on associates’ or techs’ desktops
  • No one can find the original or latest version of a document
  • No central location exists for procedures
  • No standard nomenclature exists for titles of manuals or for standards and practices
  • A general sense of disorder pervades the publications used

If you are interested in persuing e-learning but are not sure of your content’s level of readiness, we can help with the following:

  • Review and assessment of your existing documentation
  • Research within and around your existing documents for the hidden structure that’s waiting to be brought out
  • Revision of your hard copy documentation

We have experience in the following types of manuals for
computer software:

  • Software user guides
  • Software system administration
  • Software system requirements
  • API documentation
  • Software marketing collateral
  • System administration guides
  • Design specifications
  • Technical network or IT

Additionally, we have experience and expertise to prepare the following types of manuals for computer hardware:

  • Electronics and device repair
  • Troubleshooting and theory of operation
  • Board and chip specifications
  • System description and design

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