How We Write for E-learning


Lately we’ve been mainly doing Articulate projects.  I think I’ve written 6 of them in the last 5-6 months.  For a writer this brings up an interesting point: what is writing e-learning in Articulate like?  I’m curious about people’s thoughts on this and want to publish my own because we get a lot of feedback from the clients that no one has seen e-learning quite like ours before.   I’m not that aware of doing things that differently from others but, then, I don’t see a lot of others’ e-learning projects.  The main thing we hear is that most of the other e-learning out there will just put you to sleep.  So what’s the difference?

One thing to keep in mind is that, for 90% of the cases, Articulate is just Powerpoint — but made much cooler.  If this is completely new to you, you can check out a couple of examples in the examples viewer on the home page.  Just click on home and select ‘e-learning’ from the black-border viewer.  Towards the end are several screen shots of an Articulate piece we did about 3 years ago.

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